This is a poem I wrote and illustrated as a limited edition fanzine.

It narrates the journey of a traveller through different emotional landscapes, as a metaphor for love – from the beginning to the end.

you were a mountain I had to climb
On the top of it
I’d find your lips
and I’d stick my flag in them
I’d walk through your cold skin
and your rocky spine

I’d explore your mounts
and each of your secret caves
I would follow your veins
and I would fall.

you were an ocean I had to dive

I would slide into your warm waters
safe and timeless like a womb
But I’d be tempted to swim deeper
and deeper
and deeper into your abyss

Somewhere in this dark mass
there would be a distant shine:
the pulsating light of your heart

I’d swim to reach it
Darling, I’d swim so hard
But I’d lose my breath
And I would drown.

you were the sky I had to float on
I’d be like those astronauts from the movies
who get dettached from their spaceships
and I’d float adrift in your silence
I’d navigate through this giant corpse
speckled by the light of memories who
just like stars,
can be seen at night
(even though they too have died a long time ago)

And eventually,I would land.

There was a desert I had to walk on
I would ask the wind where to go now


it would say

And what happens after “north”?

“A mountain you have to climb”.